Butterflies of the genus Ypthima Hübner (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) from Northwestern India

H.S. Rose, N. Sharma


A sample comprising 560 examples, collected from various localities in northwestern India have been identified and belong to, as many as 16 species viz.  Lisandra Cramer, singala Felder, marshalli Butler, baldus Fabricius, indecora Moore, sarkaghatensis Rose & Sharma, nikaea Moore, uemurai Rose & Sharma, hannyngtoni Eliot, sakra Moore, kasmira Moore, huebneri Kirby, inica Hewitson, asterope Klug, nareda Kollar and newara Moore referable to the genus Ypthima Hubner.  A key to these species has been prepared by taking into account the structure of the male and female genitalia besides maculation and venation.  Owing to variation in maculation, the conspecificity of different individuals has been established on the basis of genitalic stuctures.  In addition to distribution, remarks have been recorded for all the species.

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