Fish Diversity of Kolli Hills, Western Ghats, Salem District, Tamil Nadu

Chellam Balasundaram, R. Arumugam, P. Bala Murugan


The fish diversity of Periyaru originating as a natural spring in Kolli Hills is reported.  A total number of 19 species of fish belonging to 15 genera and nine families were collected.  The percentage occurrence is 36.88 for Cyprinidae, Bagridae and Cichlidae constituted each by 15.8.  Of the 19 species, Ompok bimaculatus and Pseudeutropius atherinoides are endangered and Barilius bendelisis, Puntius sophore, Labeo calbasu and Mystus cavasius come under Low Risk nearly threatened (LRnt) category and Cirrhinus reba, Puntius conchonius, Mystus vittatus, Mystus bleekeri, Awaous gutum, Clarias batrachus and Mastacembelus armatus are vulnerable species.

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