Herd composition and population dynamics of Gazella bennetti (Sykes, 1831) in Gogelao enclosure (Nagaur) Rajasthan, India

G.R. Jakher, Sumit Dookia, B.R. Dookia


A population study of the Indian Gazelle (Gazella bennetti) was carried out during June and December 2000 in an enclosed area named Gogelao Enclosure at Nagaur District, Rajasthan.  In all, 51 herds containing 242 individuals and four solitary males were counted in June and 45 herds with 248 individuals and one solitary male were recorded in December.  Mean herd size was 5.06 and 5.61 individuals in June and December respectively.  Density was 48.4 animals (km-1) in June and 49.6 animals in December.

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