Studies on floral biology of Ixora agasthyamalayana Sivadasan and Mohanan - a rare southern Western Ghats endemic

A.K. Sreekala, G. Rajkumar, A.G. Pandurangan


Ixora agasthyamalayana is a rare and endemic taxon of southern Western Ghats of Kerala.  It flowers throughout the year under the climatic conditions of Agasthyamala and the peak during January.  The floral biology of this plant was studied.  Anthesis occurred between 0600 and 1300hr with its peak at 0700 hr.  Anther dehiscence was observed between 0700 and 1300 hr with a peak at 1000 hr.  The maximum receptivity of stigma was found on the day of anthesis.  Pollen grains were round, light pink in colour and 32.24 um in diameter.

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