Indian spiders (Arachnida: Araneae): Updated checklist 2005"

Manju Siliwal, Sanjay Molur, B.K. Biswas


This is the first attempt to update the list of spiders described formally in India.  The list of compiled following Platnick's The World Spider Catalog.  Extensive search of scientific peer-reviewed publications in the region revealed 40 new species, which are not included in Platnick's list.  The checklist is compared extensively with Tikader's list.  In all, 1442 species of spiders in 59 families have been listed as described formally from India.  Taxonomic verification is recommended from 51 species. Seventy-nine species listed by Tikader do not occur in India.  Fifty-three species listed by Dyal and included in Platnick's list do not occur in India. The paper lists replacement names, incertae sedis, nomna nuda, nomina dubia, transfers, synonyms, wrong taxonomic placements, Dyal's species etc.  The checklist is updated upto 15 August 2005.

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